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What is Red Light Therapy?

RLT is a therapeutic treatment that uses low wavelength red and infrared light to improve trouble conditions within the body.


NASA scientists first used RLT to stimulate plant growth on space stations in the 1990s. They soon discovered that the LEDs also stimulated the basic energy processes in the cells of their astronauts suffering from muscle atrophy in a weightless environment.


Based on NASA's findings, RLT became a recommended treatment for a number of medical conditions.

How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

Red light therapy works by acting on the mitochondria or "power plant" of the cells.



When your cells absorb the light,

the mitochondria produce more energy.



With more energy, the cells can perform all their normal functions more efficiently, like repairing skin, boosting new cell growth, reducing pain & inflammation, increasing energy levels, improving circulation, stimulating hair growth, releasing lipids and improving brain performance.

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What Are The Benefits of RLT?

  • Increases Energy Levels

  • Decreases Pain

  • Lowers Inflammation

  • Improves Circulation

  • Improves Joint Health

  • Improves Body Detoxification Ability

  • Improves Oral Health

  • Increases Fat Loss 

  • Speeds Up Wound/Scar Healing

  • Reduces Cellulite

  • Improves Brain Health & Cognitive Performance

  • Enhances Muscle Gain, Strength, Endurance & Recovery

  • Delays Onset of Muscle Fatigue During Workout

  • Reduces Delayed/Onset Muscle Soreness

  • Promotes Firmer, Smoother Skin

  • Reverses Signs of Aging

  • Increases Oxygen Uptake

  • Decreases Shortness of Breath

  • Stimulates Hair Growth

  • Improves Sleep Quality

How Long Does It Take For RLT To Work?

Initially, it is recommended to do 2-3 sessions per week for 6-8 weeks to see results, but it may take up to 4 months depending on the specific issues you are addressing.


Think of red light therapy as exercise for your cells!

Much like with weightlifting for your muscles and cardio for your heart and lungs,

RLT strengthens your cells' ability to produce energy.

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