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Real life results from our recent customers!

Decreases Inflammation and Improves Skin Appearance

Rather than eliminate the symptoms of rosacea by applying an external force to destroy certain skin structures, red light therapy works by increasing energy production within your cells to allow them to use their own natural defenses to reduce symptoms and prevent flare-ups. Infrared and LED light penetrate the skin all the way to the mitochondrion, the cellular organelle responsible for producing the body’s energy. Here, it produces a biochemical reaction allowing the mitochondrion to use oxygen more efficiently to produce ATP. It’s essentially like giving your cells a tune-up. This leads to a more optimal performance of the targeted organs and tissues. 

Rosacea before red light therapy treatment

Day 1

Rosacea before red light therapy

Day 1

rosacea after red light therapy
rosacea after red light therapy

Day 45

Day 45

3+ sessions of therapy per week for 6 weeks

Speeds Up Wound and Scar Healing

Red Light Therapy helps boost collagen and fibroblast production. It works by emitting wavelengths of light, stimulating the production of adenosine triphosphate or ATP (cellular regeneration) and removes oxidative stress. Your body’s healing process now becomes faster because of Red Light Therapy.

scar healing before red light therapy
scar healing after red light therapy
scar healing after red light therapy

Day 1

Day 60

Day 120

5+ sessions of therapy per week for 16 weeks
wound healing before red light therapy

Day 1

wound healing after red light therapy
wound healing after red light therapy

Day 30

Day 45

3+ sessions of therapy per week for 6 weeks

"While in town my husband and I used the red bed therapy. I had recently had knee surgery and noticed that my operated knee and my other knee both felt better afterwards. I also noticed that my skin improved and had more of a glow. That says a lot for a 71 year old woman! My husband says his previously broken toe that ached daily, no longer hurts, muscle cramps in his legs greatly diminished and his shoulder pain subsided. Both of us experienced a more restful sleep. Since leaving town, we truly miss the benefits of the red bed therapy and can't wait to get back and use them again."

Kathy L.

Washington, UT

4 sessions of therapy per week for 8 weeks

Decreases Pain & Inflammation

As light penetrates the body, a photochemical reaction is induced in the cells, a process referred to as photobiomodulation or PMB, which supports the body's own innate healing capabilities. Radiation of tissue with light causes an increase in mitochondrial products such as ATP, NADH, protein and RNA.  These provide cellular energy and fight oxidative stress while the release of nitric oxide provides pain relief. Red Light Therapy alleviates chronic inflammation by increasing blood flow to the damaged tissues, and has been found in numerous clinical trial to increase the body's antioxidant defenses.

"Truly an amazing experience between the amazing staff and the healing these red beds have provided me. I've been able to take back my active lifestyle and it's helped countless things, including my knee and back pain. These beds have increased my quality of life significantly!"

Jesse E.

St George, UT

Improves Tendonitis, Arthritis and Joint Pain

As red and NIR photons enter the cells, they stimulate the production of a high-energy molecule called adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which energizes cells. More cellular energy equals better performance.  Peak cellular function promotes a strong immune system, reduced inflammation, physical energy and longevity.

5 sessions of therapy per week for 12 weeks

Improves Sleep Quality, Fall Asleep Faster

"My first visit was very relaxing . When I went to bed that night I noticed that my restless left leg syndrome which I had been dealing with for about one month, did not act up! I had gone in with a left hip pain after rotating my bed mattress the day before.  After my treatment I felt no pain at all."

                                                                Jean W.
1 session

During a red light therapy session, your eyes' retinal cells perceive the light from the device, affecting melatonin and serotonin in your brain. These chemicals are responsible for regulating your sleep-wake cycle. The perception of light delays your brain's melatonin production, waking you up and lifting your mood.

Promotes Firmer, Smoother and More Radiant Skin and

Reverses Skin Aging

Red Light Therapy stimulates blood circulation and the development of new capillaries. Because of this, more nutrients and oxygen are delivered to the skin that results in a healthier radiance. This light stimulus gives you that healthy glow. RLT also helps boost collagen and fibroblast production to help correct unsightly wrinkles and tell-tale signs of aging.

"In today's world of quick fixes, fast diets, and wonder pills it is refreshing to find a place that offers honest holistic solutions to natural healing.  Red Bed Regeneration is that place and I am so thankful to have found it.  It is very clean and well maintained and staffed by the charming Lori.  I have been there about 8 times and plan on continuing the treatments on a regular basis to maintain optimal health and receive all the benefits from the Red Light Therapy.  I didn't realize that during the lockdowns I had lost my cherub-like demeanor and found that I regained my feel-good disposition after each session."


Faith B.

Ivins, UT

Enhances Muscle Strength, Endurance & Recovery and 

Reduces Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Red Light Therapy increases muscle torque at the beginning of exercise and maintains the levels of lactate after resistance exercise. For post-workout benefit, RLT helps to reduce the effects of delayed onset muscle sorecess that can start one to two days following workouts.

Increases Energy Levels

The primary function of red light therapy is to increase energy production. Red light strengthens the mitochondria, the part of the cell that creates energy. By doing so, this procedure increases energy levels.

2-3 sessions of therapy per week for 12 weeks

"I started using the red bed about 2 months ago. I go regularly and when I miss a few sessions, I can tell I lack energy and an overal feeling of wellness. I noticed in such a short amount of time that my skin seemed to be smoother all over my body and I have a radiant glow that my aging skin lacked before. When exercising and experiencing soreness, red light therapy helps easy my muscles so that I can continue my workout plans for the week. A total necessity for overall health!"

Roxanne W.

Washington, UT

2-3 sessions of therapy per week for 8 weeks
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